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Precision Pharmacotherapy Research & Development Institute

The TRHC Precision Pharmacotherapy Research & Development Institute (PPRDI) is committed to the development of proprietary products, as well as their validation and recognition by the scientific and regulatory communities to optimize medication regimen in order to improve patient outcomes, reduce utilization of various healthcare services, lower healthcare costs, and manage risk.

The PPRDI’s research vision expands with the emerging research initiatives that include bioinformatics, biomedical engineering systems, nanoscale science, patient-specific information, data-driven technologies and solutions, and translational research.

Based in the Lake Nona Medical City area, the PPRDI collaborates and partners with major academic and pharmaceutical partners in the region, such as University of Florida College of Pharmacy, University of Central Florida College of Medicine, and Hesperos, Inc.

PPRDI faculty conduct research using pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics modelling, computer simulations, and computational modelling using healthcare data from large databanks. The overall objective of this research group is to maintain, update, and develop new products associated with medication risk mitigation and medication risk stratification. PPRDI provides a unique opportunity for highly qualified individuals in pharmacokinetics, simulation and modelling, machine learning, and programming, as well as for candidates seeking non-conventional post-doctoral positions.

Chief Operating Officer

Open positions

  • PK/PD Scientist
  • Web Developer
  • Statistician
Senior Clinical Research Scientist
Sweilem B. Al Rihani, PharmD, PhD
Clinical Research Scientist
Clinical Research Manager and Medical Writer
Clinical Research Scientist
Clinical Research Scientist
Senior Product Designer
ReactJS Developer
Senior Software Engineer
Research Data Scientist
Research Data Scientist
Executive Assistant