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Who We Are

Tabula Rasa HealthCare (TRHC) is a leader in the healthcare technology space, focused on medication safety solutions. Meaning “blank slate” in Latin, tabula rasa refers to the wax tablets that were used for notes in Roman times. These could be erased by heating and smoothing the wax, creating a “tabula rasa.”

Today, tabula rasa can be translated to mean “new beginning” or “fresh start”—and a fresh start using innovative solutions is exactly what we offer clients. Our experience, talent, and trusted solutions optimize the safe use of medications and empower healthcare professionals so they can offer people everywhere a healthy place to continue their patient journey.

The TRHC leadership team understands the importance of balancing efficiency, scalability, and safety through personalized healthcare. The diverse perspectives of more than 1,500 employees help to shape sustainable solutions that are focused on:

  • People
  • Trust
  • Financial strength
  • Communication
  • Improvisation
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