Leading with Proven Outcomes

Our suite of technology-enabled products and services empowers healthcare organizations to optimize medication regimens.

Backed by Science

TRHC’s products and solutions are backed by our own multifaceted Research & Development Pillar, staffed by top researchers with a depth of expertise in a variety of areas and who team with academic research partners throughout the world.

Read our latest study proving TRHC’s MedWise Risk Score™ as a trusted indicator of mortality risk.

Proven Outcomes. Documented Savings.

  • Up to 50% reduction in hospitalization rates/ED rates1
  • $1,037 annual savings per unit decrease of the MedWise Risk Score2
  • Up to 13:1 ROI on administrative fees
  • 20% reduction in hospital admissions
  • 28% reduction in emergency room visits
  • Average savings of $383 PIMPM across high-risk populations
  • Estimated 4:1 ROI
  • 18,000+ community pharmacies supported
  • 5.5% growth in annual fills (3x the national average)
  • 98% adherence rates
  • $53,000+ annual revenue increase

Value-based Contracting

TRHC guarantees a reduction in hospital rates and more through our value-based contracting program. Our service level guarantees assure your satisfaction.

Leveraging Technology to Improve Healthcare

Tabula Rasa HealthCare’s products and services are built around and reinforced by our proprietary Medication Risk Mitigation (MRM) Matrix™. Our technology delivers simultaneous, multi-drug analyses that identify medication-related risk across a variety of safety factors and presents actionable opportunities to mitigate that risk and optimize patients’ medication regimens.

TRHC’s proprietary technology, MedWise®, identifies accumulative multi-drug interactions to help manage patient medication regimens. MedWise delivers point-of-prescribing clinical decision support tools and precision dosing systems that are interoperable with industry-leading electronic health records, and have been documented to improve outcomes. Learn more >

We are trusted by PACE and other organizations nationwide to deliver medication risk mitigation and distribution services that improve participant outcomes, introduce lasting workflow efficiencies, and increase medication safety. Learn more >

We provide expert Medicare risk adjustment services through a prospective approach. Our team of physicians and nurse consultants train clients in coding and data analysis for PACE and similar organizations nationwide, ensuring proper reimbursement and optimal utilization.  Learn more >

Pharmacy cost management services help our clients reduce risk, increase compliance, and optimize spending. By simplifying and adding oversight to the adjudication process, we help our clients avoid risks associated with managing pharmacy costs by preventing overpayments and ensuring appropriate reimbursements. Learn more >


  1. Based on data submitted by PACE partners
  2. Bankes D, et al. Pharmacy. 2020 May 20;8(2):87.
  3. Based on TRHC data and analytics
  4. Based on PrescribeWellness data and analytics