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We offer medication management solutions, powered by MedWise® Science, for health plans and health systems.

Enable personalized medication optimization

Assess: Technology that evaluates simultaneous multi-drug interactions

Stratify:Pharmacists that analyze and help mitigate medication-related problems

Intervene: Personalized clinical intervention and drug therapy optimization

Enhance: Pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing that informs precision medication treatments

MedWise Safety Reviews

Our comprehensive medication management offerings can leverage next-generation drug interaction identification and mitigation. Using MedWise Science, we identify cumulative multi-drug interactions to assign patients a MedWise Risk Score and guide pharmacists in reducing medication-related risks. This proprietary technology is only available through TRHC.

Powered by MedWise Science

MedWise Matrix

The MedWise Matrix applies MedWise Science to deliver point-of-prescribing medication decision support on key issues like pain management, prevention of adverse drug events (ADEs), and more. Tools powered by MedWise Science are interoperable with industry-leading electronic health records and have been documented to improve outcomes.

MedWise Risk Score quantifies medication-related risk

The MedWise Risk Score assesses a patient’s risk for adverse drug events (ADEs) based on a variety of medication safety factors. Higher scores correlate with negative outcomes including hospitalization, emergency room visits, and increased care utilization and expense. The MedWise Risk Score is a valuable tool for risk stratification and for managing patients’ medication-related health risks.

Each 1-point decrease in a MedWise Risk Score represents an average annual savings of $1,000 per member.1

Higher MedWise Risk Scores are associated with increase mortality

In this study, we show how our ADE risk score relates to mortality risk, especially for patients taking multiple medications.

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