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What We Do

Tabula Rasa HealthCare (TRHC) provides medication safety solutions that empower pharmacists, prescribers, and consumers to optimize medication regimens and combat medication overload.

A variety of stakeholders trust our unique solutions to enhance clinical and financial outcomes, reduce hospitalizations, and lower healthcare costs. Our technology allows clinicians to access real-time information about factors that may impact their patients’ medication safety and effectiveness.

Man's hands holding open prescription bottle.

Optimized medication management

The pervasive and rising use of medications has increased the complexity of medication management. TRHC supports the clinical and non-clinical operations of healthcare organizations for safer and more effective medication regimens.


the number of older adults take 5 or more drugs (from 1994 to 2014)1


of older adults take 5 or more medications1

How we do it: The TRHC brands

At TRHC, our goal is to help pharmacists and prescribers optimize medication management. Through services such as medication risk mitigation, pharmacist-led interventions, and clinical support, our brands help stakeholders to achieve improved clinical and financial outcomes.


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