Technology Products and Solutions

Medication Management and Safety

Medication Decision Support

MedWise™ helps manage medication regimens and enhance patient safety by identifying accumulative multi-drug interactions. Incorporating our proprietary Medication Risk Mitigation Matrix™ and Medication Risk Score (MRS) technology, MedWise delivers point-of-prescribing clinical decision support tools and precision dosing systems.

  • MyMedWise™ is the consumer version of TRHC’s medication safety technology, featuring easy-to-understand guidelines and alerts.
  • NiaRx/MedWise University Edition is cloud-based software used for training pharmacy students through a simulated Electronic Health Record (EHR) and case-based curriculum.
Medication Therapy Management

RxCompanion™ is a highly scalable and customizable platform that aids in identifying and resolving medication and other health-related problems. RxCompanion is a software solution for clients seeking advanced technology for their in-house MTM program.

Precision Dosing Software

DoseMeRx is a precision dosing software that was developed specifically for clinical practice. DoseMeRx is a simple, yet powerful tool helping healthcare providers calculate the optimal dose of drugs monitored by therapeutic drug monitoring to streamline operations, reduce adverse drug events, decrease costs, and improve patient outcomes.


EireneRx® is a cloud-based patient pharmacy management platform that offers clinical decision support tools and computerized order entry with MedWise technology. Prescribers and pharmacists can collaborate real-time on a patient’s medication management.

Electronic Health Records and Financial/Workflow Integration

PACElogic by Cognify integrates data, processes, and workflows across the enterprise for clear and consistent interdepartmental processes beyond the reach of EHR systems. Our EHR, care planning, mobile, integration and health plan management capabilities are the top-rated and fastest-growing solutions within the PACE market.

TruChart software by Mediture enables capitated health plans to manage patients’ electronic health records; care planning; service authorizations; and adjudication and claims processing while providing robust reporting.

eClusive® utilizes TruChart to automate claims processing for plans that self-adjudicate.