TRHC's MedWise Risk Score™ integrates into PrescribeWellness Software

Tabula Rasa HealthCare Deploys MedWise Risk Score™ Technology to PrescribeWellness Community Pharmacy Network

In The News | Feb 03, 2021

Tabula Rasa HealthCare, Inc (TRHC) (NASDAQ: TRHC), a healthcare technology company advancing the safe use of medications, today announced the integration of its MedWise Risk Score™ into PrescribeWellness (PW) software, TRHC’s leading patient relationship management solution. Assessing the risk of medications in aggregate, the MedWise Risk Score guides pharmacists and prescribers toward individualized medication decision support.

“With the introduction of new medications, including treatment of COVID-19, the risk of adverse drug events (ADEs) increases, creating the need for more accessible and trained medication safety experts,” said TRHC Chairman and CEO Calvin H. Knowlton. “Central to the patient healthcare continuum is the community pharmacist; they become the ‘quarterback’ for patient care. Integrating TRHC’s MedWise Risk Score into PW’s software and its community pharmacy network will help decrease ADEs, improve patient care and lower costs.”

Now embedded directly within PrescribeWellness software, TRHC’s MedWise Risk Score assesses the combined risk of a patient’s medications and incorporates pharmacogenomics, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics for personalized patient care. For more than 10 years, PrescribeWellness has elevated the role of the pharmacy into a healthcare destination that provides preventive clinical services and leverages technology-driven solutions.

The MedWise Risk Score calculation uses active medication ingredients of a patient’s complete medication list, including over-the-counter supplements to predict the risk of medication problems and ADEs. A published study, involving nearly 2,000 patients, found that a lower MRS correlated with fewer adverse drug events, emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and lower medical costs.

PW clients now have the opportunity to utilize the MedWise Risk Score to identify patients most at risk for experiencing ADEs. Then, by connecting patients for a Medication Safety Review™ – a comprehensive review conducted by a certified MedWise Advisor™ pharmacist – PrescribeWellness clients can help patients assure safety from ADEs, prevent emergency room visits, and reduce hospitalizations.

“Putting science back into practice, the MedWise Risk Score enhances workflow by presenting the pharmacist with one comprehensive and cumulative indication of medication risk”, said Farah Madhat, PharmD, MA, TRHC executive vice president. “This novel solution enables more personalized and actionable clinical decisions for improved patient engagement and better outcomes.”

TRHC’s MedWise™ technology is leveraged by community pharmacies across the nation, and is enabling more personalized patient care. Watch the following video to see how Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy utilizes MedWise to engage patients and optimize medication therapy: TRHC’s MedWise™ – Asti’s Pharmacy.

“If you’re looking for a tool to differentiate yourself, but more importantly, to take care of patients in a way that they have never been taken care of before, it is crystal clear that MedWise™ is the pathway to do that.” – Christopher Antypas, PharmD, President & Chief Operating Officer, Asti’s South Hills Pharmacy.

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