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Our nationwide network of HIPAA-compliant clinical contact centers can help you provide high quality care, patient engagement, and other services designed to meet the needs of payers, pharmacies, and other care providers. MedWiseRx clinical contact centers also offer customized medication therapy management (MTM) programs, including the completion of Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs).

Improve patient engagement for improved outcomes

Services you can count on

We ensure the delivery of effective clinical engagement by meeting members where they are through multichannel, targeted outreach.

We’re ready to help you

  • 8 nationwide clinical contact centers
  • More than 800 pharmacists, technicians, and specialized staff
  • All languages and time zones supported

MedWise Safety Review

Powered by MedWise® Science, the MedWise Safety Review helps proactively identify potential adverse drug events (ADEs). For pharmacists, this is an opportunity to enhance the care you provide to patients while increasing pharmacy revenue; for payers, preventing ADEs can reduce care utilization and costs.

COVID-19 services

MedWiseRx clinical contact centers offer services to support your patient outreach efforts, especially during periods of high patient volume. We can help you with:

Patient communications
Vaccine scheduling, reporting, and access
Appointment-reminder calls, warm transfer facilitation, and overflow solutions

“We needed a solution to take pressure away from our pharmacy staff so they could focus on patient care. MedWiseRx clinical contact centers have provided this solution and have been critical to educating and supporting our patients.”

– Rebecca Bubel, R.Ph., President, Kinney Drug Stores

Academic affiliations

Partnerships for excellence and innovation

We have active partnerships with some of the top pharmacy colleges in the U.S. These partnerships help us stay at the forefront of pharmacy science so we can better serve you. Our partner institutions are also a key source of pharmacy talent to help us maintain the quality of care we provide as we grow.

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