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TRHC’s Clinical Advisory Panel Meeting Provides Insights on PACE Pharmacy

Press Releases | Sep 21, 2022

MOORESTOWN, N.J., (Sept. 21, 2022) – Tabula Rasa HealthCare, Inc.® (TRHC) (NASDAQ: TRHC), a leading healthcare technology company advancing the safe use of medications, hosted its 2022 CareKinesis Clinical Advisory Panel (CAP) Meeting September 15-16 at its headquarters in Moorestown, NJ. Attendees included Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) medical directors from across the country and featured educational sessions related to PACE pharmacy.

The sessions focused on topics such as strategies for deprescribing opioids among the elderly; research supporting pharmacogenomics, which considers how responses to drugs differ based on an individual’s genes; and how implementing interventions that promote the safe use of medications could lead to significant cost savings for PACE programs.

“TRHC’s CAP Meeting provides an opportunity to bring together medical directors from some of the leading PACE programs in the country to share insights and learn about findings from PACE-related research,” said Brian Adams, President and Interim CEO of TRHC. “As Interim CEO, I look forward to advancing TRHC’s clinical innovation and value to our PACE customers as we work together to drive better program outcomes.”

A prominent theme of this year’s CAP Meeting was personalized and precision pharmacotherapy, with presentations highlighting how pharmacogenomics can bolster the safe use of medications. TRHC offers pharmacogenomic analysis from clinical pharmacists through the medication risk mitigation services its CareKinesis PACE Pharmacy provides.

“With personalized and precision pharmacotherapy, new and expanding PACE programs can risk stratify and reduce harmful and avoidable adverse drug events among participants,” said Ankur Patel, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer of TRHC. “Pharmacogenomic analysis can help PACE programs enhance pharmacotherapy, and we see great promise in implementing pharmacogenomics in PACE.”

TRHC’s MedWise® Science identifies simultaneous multi-drug interactions and helps pharmacists make recommendations to PACE prescribers, playing a key role in advanced pharmacotherapy, which was highlighted at the CAP Meeting. TRHC’s MedWise Matrix, which applies MedWise Science and provides a detailed look at potential simultaneous multi-drug interactions, can incorporate pharmacogenomic data, offering a deeper review of drug regimens among PACE participants.

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Tabula Rasa HealthCare (TRHC) (NASDAQ: TRHC) provides medication safety solutions that empower healthcare professionals and consumers to optimize medication regimens, combating medication overload and reducing adverse drug events – the fourth leading cause of death in the US. TRHC’s proprietary technology solutions, including MedWise®, improve patient outcomes, reduce hospitalizations, and lower healthcare costs. TRHC’s extensive clinical tele-pharmacy network improves care for patients nationwide. Its solutions are trusted by health plans and pharmacies to help drive value-based care. For more information, visit

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