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TRHC Launches First Large Simulation Study to Assess Adverse Drug Events with proposed COVID-19 Treatments

Press Releases | Apr 29, 2020

Moorestown, NJ, April 29, 2020 – Tabula Rasa HealthCare Corporation® (NASDAQ: TRHC), a healthcare technology company advancing the field of medication safety, announced today it is running a clinical study assessing the risk of adverse drug events (ADEs) associated with drugs repurposed for the treatment of COVID-19 in older adults on multiple medications.

“This study showcases the depth and breadth of our clinical research capabilities,” said TRHC Chairman and CEO Calvin H. Knowlton, PhD. “The results from the study will provide the framework for additional clinical trials that will continue to demonstrate the value of our risk stratification algorithms and processes.”

In conducting the study, TRHC Precision Pharmacotherapy Research and Development Institute will utilize the MedWise™ solution to determine each patient’s MedWise Medication Risk Score™ (MRS), which is used as a predictive tool for ADEs. Through the medication risk stratification strategy, TRHC researchers are able to simulate the impact of multiple potential repurposed drugs for COVID-19. The study will use de-identified medication claims data from TRHC’s pharmacy database.

“Our study allows for simulation of the impact of adding, one at a time, each COVID-19 repurposed drug to the actual drug regimens of a large number of frail, elderly patients with polypharmacy—without exposing them to these drugs,” states TRHC Chief Scientific Officer Jacques Turgeon, BPharm, PhD.

TRHC Precision Pharmacotherapy Research & Development Institute Chief Operating Officer Veronique Michaud, BPharm, PhD adds, “We will specifically look at the impact of these drugs on the total MedWise Medication Risk Score and each of its components. These results will allow us to identify which subgroups of patients are at increased risk of toxicity when exposed to one or another COVID-19 repurposed drug used off-label.”

This study will also examine the combined risk of increased ADEs for drug regimens with COVID-19 repurposed adjuvants, especially drug-induced Long QT Syndrome, a disorder that occurs in the heart that can potentially cause fast, chaotic heartbeats, triggering a sudden fainting spell, seizure or in some cases death. The results of this study should be completed and ready for publication within 60 days.

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