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TRHC and Landmark Announce Expansion of MedWise Medication Risk Mitigation Study

Press Releases | Nov 08, 2018

MOORESTOWN, N.J., November 08, 2018 — Tabula Rasa HealthCare, Inc. (TRHC) (NASDAQ: TRHC), a healthcare technology company advancing the field of medication safety, and Landmark Health (“Landmark”), an industry leader of in-home, risk-based medical care, today announced an expansion of a pilot program using MedWise™, a proprietary software designed to identify medication risk and prevent drug-related adverse outcomes.

A phase I pilot study was designed to compare healthcare resource utilization and costs between a control group and a MedWise intervention group. The study also assessed the association between different disease groups and the response to a MedWise-driven intervention. The interim results appeared promising in both utilization and cost savings resulting in a phase II pilot expansion across additional Landmark patient populations.

In the phase I study, Landmark licensed MedWise from TRHC for its staff pharmacists. Landmark pharmacists then trained with TRHC, learning how best to use the technology in clinical practice and understanding the science underlying the technology. Landmark pharmacists reviewed the medication regimens of intervention cohort patients in advance of patient visits by Landmark providers. Collaborating with Landmark pharmacists, Landmark providers used MedWise-generated output to optimize the safety and efficacy of medication profiles leading to the positive trends observed in the study.

“The interim findings of the phase I study support our hypothesis that the use of MedWise for medication risk mitigation results in improved patient outcomes and cost savings,” said TRHC Chairman and CEO, Calvin H. Knowlton, Ph.D. “We applaud Landmark on their continued efforts to adopt innovative technologies that help pharmacists and clinicians make safer, more informed prescribing choices for patients.”

“The implementation of TRHC’s MedWise technology is an important advance for our medical teams who treat individuals with chronic health conditions and complex medication regimens,” said Michael Le, M.D., Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Landmark. “Landmark is committed to creating meaningful impact for our patients and we are pleased to demonstrate the clinical and economic benefits of the technologies we employ to help patients stay well.”

TRHC’s proprietary MedWise platform analyzes simultaneous, accumulative, multi-drug interactions to give pharmacists and clinicians the insight they need to make safer prescribing choices. The technology also empowers prescribers to take a more personalized approach to medication management, including medication selection, dosage levels, time-of-day administration and reduction of the total number of medications by eliminating unnecessary prescriptions.

About the Study
The controlled trial, Phase 1 of the TRHC/Landmark study, included 1,000 patients, identified through TRHC’s proprietary medication risk stratification process. Of this group, 40 percent were randomly selected to be in the control cohort and the remaining 60 percent were in the intervention cohort. Descriptive statistical analysis shows balanced results between intervention and control group on patients’ demographic information, disease profile, and healthcare utilization.

Phase 2 of the controlled study is currently underway and will study a greater population of patients in the Medicare market.

About Landmark
Landmark is an industry leader of home-based medical care for patients with complex health needs, covering more than 80,000 lives. Its community-based, physician-led medical teams specialize in house calls and deliver medical, behavioral, social and palliative care to individuals with multiple chronic conditions wherever they reside, and whenever they need it. Landmark’s teams of mobile clinicians collaborate with patients’ families, caregivers and other medical providers to bring coordinated healthcare to people who need it the most. Landmark operates nationally in 13 states. For more information, visit

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