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In The News | Oct 06, 2022

Recently, Tabula Rasa HealthCare leadership and staff discussed medication risk mitigation, food-drug interactions, MedWise® Science, and more in the media.

“Why Can’t I Eat Grapefruit? Foods That Interact with Medications”

In a recent article for Next Avenue, Chief Pharmacotherapy Officer Robert Alesiani discusses food-drug interactions, shedding light on adverse drug events and addressing timing when it comes to medication intake.

“I am a Doctor and Beg You Never Swallow This Vitamin”

An article in Eat This, Not That! addresses the use of vitamins and other supplements. In the article, Chief Pharmacotherapy Officer Robert Alesiani sheds light on Niacin, potassium supplements, Saint John’s Wort, and Vitamin K.

“Medication risk mitigation services save lives and lower costs”

Chief Medical Officer Ankur Patel discusses medication risk mitigation and Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) in an article he authored for McKnight’s Home Care. In addition to the value of medication risk mitigation services, he sheds light on adverse drug events.

“Contributor: How Medication Risk Scores Improve Health for Medicare Beneficiaries”

In a piece for The American Journal of Managed Care, Executive Vice President Office of Applied Pharmacotherapy Michael Awadalla discusses a medication risk score that analyzes the potential for simultaneous multi-drug interactions. He highlights how the risk score represents a new model for targeting individuals and addresses the relationship between the risk score and outcomes like emergency department visits, hospital admissions, and medical expenditure.

“Fail safe: Changing a broken approach to patient medication safety”

Jacques Turgeon, TRHC Chief Scientific Officer and CEO of Precision Pharmacotherapy Research and Development Institute, co-authored an article for Drug Store News, addressing how the traditional approach to medication safety lacks precision, personalization, and proactive analysis. According to the article, the approach leaves patients at risk for avoidable adverse drug events.

“Leveraging robotics to increase pharmacists’ time for clinical services”

In an article for Drug Store News, Executive Vice President Office of Applied Pharmacotherapy Michael Awadalla highlights MedWise® Science, which analyzes an individual’s risk of medication-related harm and conveys this risk through visualizations. In the article, he points out that pharmacists avoid alert fatigue with MedWise Science.

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