Impact of Automated Targeted Medication Review Electronic Alerts to Reduce Potentially Inappropriate Medication Prescribing Among Medicare Enrolled Patients With Dementia

Research Publications | 2 Minute Read

Armando Silva-Almodóvar 1, Andrea Malfara 1, Milap C Nahata 1


Background: Background:Finding ways to reduce prescribing of potentially inappropriate medications (PIMs) among patients with dementia is necessary.

Objectives: To evaluate an automated targeted medication review (TMR) service to reduce PIM prescribing among patients with dementia.

Methods: This was a retrospective observational analysis of patients in a Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program for year 2017. Patients included if Medicare enrolled, MTM eligible, had dementia, and with PIM prescribing. Descriptive statistics described reduced PIM prescribing. Odds ratios (ORs) assessed prescriber relationship with PIM prescribing. Regression evaluated relationship between patient characteristics and discontinued PIMs.

Results: A total of 33 696 TMRs were triggered for 17 933 patients. Four months later, 11 608 TMRs led to a discontinued PIM among 8002 patients. Medications with the largest discontinuations were antihistamines (56%), muscle relaxants (53%), antiemetics (53%), and typical antipsychotics (40%). Physician primary care providers (PCPs) were more likely than nonphysician PCPs (OR = 4.54; 95% CI = 4.15-4.97; P < 0.001), psychiatrists (OR = 1.64; 95%CI = 1.44-1.86; P < 0.001), and neurologists (OR = 4.48; 95% CI = 4.07-4.93; P < 0.001) to prescribe medications to treat dementia and PIMs. Regression showed that younger age, female gender, higher poverty level, and a greater number of pharmacies, medications, and prescribers were associated with discontinued PIMs. Conclusions and Relevance: TMRs were effective in reducing PIM prescribing. Younger patients, individuals living in higher poverty levels, and patients with multiple prescribers or pharmacies may benefit most from this service. TMRs in primary care offices may reduce PIM prescribing.

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