Cost avoidance related to a pharmacist-led pharmacogenomics service for the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly

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Kevin T Bain 1 2Calvin H Knowlton 3Adriana Matos 1


Aim: Estimate cost avoidance of pharmacist recommendations for participants enrolled in the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly. Materials & methods: Convenience sample of 200 pharmacogenomics consultations from the PHARM-GENOME-PACE study. Genetic variants, drug-gene interactions, drug-drug-gene interactions and phenoconversions were interrogated. Cost avoidance was estimated and adjusted for inflation. Results: In total, 165 participants had at least one actionable drug-gene pair totaling 429 drug-gene pairs, of which 158 (36.8%) were clinically actionable. Most (70.5%) pharmacists’ recommendations were accepted. Estimated cost avoidance was $233,945 when all recommendations were included but conservatively $162,031 based on acceptance rates. Overall mean cost avoidance per actionable drug-gene pair was $1063 or $1983 per participant. Conclusion: Pharmacist-led pharmacogenomics services added to the traditional medication review can avoid substantial costs for payers. Clinical trial registration number: NCT03257605.

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