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Yesi Orihuela

Yesi Orihuela
Executive Vice President, Consumer Business Unit
Yesi Orihuela is the Executive Vice President, Consumer Division at Tabula Rasa HealthCare.  In this role, Mr. Orihuela is responsible for leading a team of designers, developers and subject matter experts in the creation of consumer health focused products and execution of the consumer health product strategy.

Previously, Mr. Orihuela served as the Chief Technology Officer of PrescribeWellness, where he led the development and UX design teams in innovating products that transformed preventive health care, innovation in the pharmacy space and the application of AI to patient behaviors to achieve better health outcomes.

Mr. Orihuela has a long history in technology overseeing the development of products at Fortune 100 and startups in Silicon Valley.  After graduating in architecture and design from MIT, Mr. Orihuela oversaw the design and development of investment and retirement planning tools at Fidelity Investments, including leading the development of Fidelity’s first iOS mobile apps.

Mr. Orihuela is an entrepreneur, designer and technologist, he co-founded karmadata and founded his own design, development, and consulting firm where he worked with WolterKluwer’s UpToDate, to develop clinical decision-making tools and mobile apps for healthcare organizations.