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Sandra Leal, PharmD, MPH, FAPhA, CDE

Sandra Leal, PharmD, MPH, FAPhA, CDE
Executive Vice President, Health Plan/Payer Business Unit

Sandra Leal is the Executive Vice President for the Health Plan/Payer Business Unit for Tabula Rasa HealthCare. Dr. Leal is responsible for oversight and forward-thinking expansion services that focus on improved outcomes, access, and quality.

Dr. Leal received her PharmD from the University of Colorado and her MPH in Public Health Practice from the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Leal completed her residency at the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System and a Primary Health Care Policy Fellowship with the Department of Health and Human Services. Her work has been published in Diabetes Care, Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease, American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, Annals of Internal Medicines and a discussion paper published by the Institute of Medicine entitled, “Patients and Health Care Teams Forging Effective Partnerships.”

Her programs are a two-time recipient of the American Pharmacists Associations (APhA) Foundation Pinnacle Award, ASHP Best Practice Award in Health-System Pharmacy and the National Association of Community Health Centers Innovative Research in Primary Care Award. Dr. Leal was recognized as APhA’s Good Government Pharmacist-of-the Year for her advocacy work on pharmacist provider status.

Dr. Leal will be installed as President-Elect for the American Pharmacists Association in March, for the 2020-2022 term.