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Ravil Bikmetov, PhD

Ravil Bikmetov, PhD
Research Data Scientist

Ravil Bikmetov is a research data scientist for TRHC’s Precision Pharmacotherapy Research & Development Institute. He earned his MS and PhD in Optical Science and Engineering and MS in Computer Science (with concentration in Data Science) from the UNC Charlotte. Dr. Bikmetov supports research activities on projects involving big data analytics and data mining, performs quantitative analyses, sets up and maintains research databases, and prepares progress reports and data requests.

Dr. Bikmetov has five years of research experience in big data analytics, data mining and management, mathematical optimization with application to knowledge discovery from databases, operational scheduling, and dynamic energy distribution for intelligent transportation systems. He has held positions in teaching and research assistance at the Data Analytics lab. Dr. Bikmetov received the Lucille P. and Edward C. Giles Fellowship award, Teaching Assistantship Recognition award, and was runner up at the Graduate Research Symposiums and Tech Beach Hackathon.