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Michael Greenhalgh, RPh

Michael Greenhalgh, RPh
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Greenhalgh is the Chief Executive Officer of CareKinesis, Inc., and the Chief Operating Officer of Tabula Rasa HealthCare. As a founding member of CareKinesis, Mr. Greenhalgh was the chief architect and designer of all pharmacy operations. Mr. Greenhalgh has integrated various pharmacy automation technologies and engineered a work flow to drive operational efficiencies and greater profitability. He has been instrumental in procuring and implementing the first deployment in the United States of an advance robotic multi-dose adherence packaging dispensing system. His responsibilities include oversight of all operations, care management, inventory, purchasing, and capital planning across the network of CareKinesis pharmacies in their New Jersey, Colorado, and California offices. Recognized for these achievements Greenhalgh is the recipient of the Philadelphia SmartCeo-COO 2015 Executive Management Award.

Mr. Greenhalgh brings more than 25 years of professional experience in pharmacy and related healthcare companies. He has established an impressive successful track record as an entrepreneur including owning and operating nine successful companies from start-up to acquisition in numerous industries. He has exemplary management, leadership, analytical and problem-solving abilities. Prior to CareKinesis, Mr. Greenhalgh was Co-founder and President of Myofacial Associates, a professional wellness center specializing in a natural, alternative medicine approach to patient care with emphasis on well care visits. After 3 years of 100% year over year growth from 2003 to 2006 the company was acquired by a Professional Physician Practice.

For ten years prior, Mr. Greenhalgh was the President and owner of Red Fern Pharmacy, Norris Hills Pharmacy, and Red Fern Medical Inc. Red Fern Pharmacy and Norris Hills Pharmacy became leaders in health education and pharmaceutical care for various disease states and hospice care. Red Fern Medical specialized in diabetes care, medical supplies, and breast prosthesis for breast cancer patients. After ten years of over 200% growth, all three companies were acquired by Rite Aid, a Fortune 500 Company. Michael Greenhalgh graduated from Temple University with his bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy.