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David Bankes, PharmD, BCGP

David Bankes, PharmD, BCGP
Research Pharmacist

David Bankes, PharmD, BCGP is a research pharmacist for TRHC’s Office of Translational Research and Residency Programs. Dr. Bankes collaborates with other TRHC researchers to help conduct and disseminate publications related to practical applications of TRHC’s proprietary technology and science. Specifically, the scope of his research is largely related to pharmacy practice, geriatric medication safety, deprescribing, and clinical decision support software. In addition to research, he is working with key stakeholders to help standardize clinical recommendations and improve efficiencies related to clinical documentation.

Dr. Bankes is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. After graduation, he started his career at a rural Maryland community pharmacy that predominantly served an older demographic. His community experience was profoundly influential, as it kindled his passion for geriatric pharmacotherapy. Since then, he has been serving TRHC for about seven years, which include three years as a PACE clinical pharmacist and two years as a clinical pharmacist for the Enhanced MTM program. In his current position, his growing body of publications largely have focused on pharmacy practice in the PACE setting. Drawing from his operational experience, Dr. Bankes has specifically studied medication-related problems, pharmacist-physician collaboration, drug interactions, and outcomes associated with TRHC’s MedWise Risk Score™.