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Alan D. Stein, MD, PhD

Alan D. Stein, MD, PhD
Senior Vice President, Office of Healthcare Analytics

Alan Stein, MD, PhD is the senior vice president for TRHC’s Office of Healthcare Analytics. In his role, Dr. Stein advances analytics and data science capabilities throughout TRHC. Dr. Stein is a physician-scientist with medical, technical, and research training, complemented by industry and senior management experience, and a passionate entrepreneurial spirit.

Prior to joining TRHC, Dr. Stein led global development of a big-data analytics platform that helps healthcare systems improve clinical pathways and care delivery. He previously served in chief medical and technology officer roles.

Dr. Stein received his MD, PhD (Biophysics), and BS (Engineering) from the University of Pennsylvania. He is the recipient of numerous honors and awards and holds a United States patent. Additionally, Dr. Stein has spoken on healthcare technology at venues around the world.