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Tabula Rasa HealthCare Partners with RxResults to Provide Pharmacy Risk Management for Health Plans

Tabula Rasa HealthCare, Inc. “TRHC” (NASDAQ: TRHC), a healthcare technology company advancing safe use of medications, today announced a partnership with RxResults, an evidence-based pharmacy risk management firm, to develop a new competitive model that enables pharmacy plans to identify health plan savings and mitigate medication risk.

“We are fortunate to partner with RxResults because, like TRHC, they are committed to improving the use of medications, assisting clients with cost reduction and control strategies, and aligning incentives,’’ stated TRHC Chairman and CEO, Calvin H. Knowlton, PhD.  “Combining RxResults’ services with our MedWise™ medication decision support technology, which is proven to improve medication safety, can significantly reduce total cost of care.”

RxResults offers pharmacy risk management solutions to ensure access to medications proven safe and effective while providing cost control, removing specialty drug conflicts of interest and eliminating misaligned incentives.

MedWise uniquely identifies simultaneous, accumulative, multi-drug interactions to ensure medication safety, efficacy, and adherence. Unintended interactions between medications can significantly impact the metabolism and effectiveness of drugs for patients with multi-drug regimens.  TRHC’s MedWise proprietary technology aids in the reduction of preventable ADEs, thereby improving quality, enhancing outcomes, and reducing total costs.

“We are excited about our new relationship with TRHC,” said RxResults Interim CEO Alan Gardner. “Their solutions can help our health plan customers avoid unnecessary healthcare costs by resolving patients’ drug toxicity and drug ineffectiveness problems.  The TRHC process outshines commonly used methodologies for identifying at-risk patients, and their outcomes speak for themselves—their services and prescriber collaboration efforts prevent hospitalizations and other healthcare costs.”

While Tabula Rasa HealthCare mitigates risk from adverse drug events using its proprietary science, RxResults will enable the partnership to provide clients with proven solutions to mitigate risk and control specialty drug spend and utilization, helping to reduce the overall total cost of healthcare.

“Working in partnership, TRHC and RxResults will advocate for the plan sponsor and its plan participants,” said TRHC Vice President of Business Development Kevin Barton, PharmD. “Our solution will increase medical savings as well as prescription savings for both the health plan and the patient/member.”

About Tabula Rasa HealthCare

Tabula Rasa HealthCare (TRHC) provides patient medication safety solutions empowering pharmacists and prescribers to optimize medication regimens and reduce medication-related risk, specifically targeting adverse drug events. Utilizing its proprietary medication decision science technology, MedWise™, TRHC improves patient outcomes, reduces hospitalizations, and lowers healthcare costs. TRHC also provides an extensive clinical pharmacy and telepharmacy network across the U.S. Our solutions are trusted by health plans and pharmacies to help drive value-based payment results. For more information, visit

About RxResults
As the proven industry leader for evidence-based pharmacy risk management, RxResults is uniquely positioned to help plan sponsors mitigate risk, optimize plan performance and generate savings. A Pharmacy Risk Manager (PRM) doesn’t replace a PBM. It serves to enhance the PBM model as an advocate for the plan sponsor and the plan participants.

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