Publications and Reports

2020 Publications:

2020 Manuscripts Accepted for Publication:

  • Almodovar AS, Smith K, Nahata M. Relationship between Patient Characteristics and Administrative Burden to Complete a Telephonic Comprehensive Medication Review. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association.
  • Axon D, Chinthammit C, Tate J, Taylor A, Leal S, Pickering M, Black H, Warholak T, Campbell P. Current Procedural Terminology codes for Medication Therapy Management in administrative data. Journal of Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy. 
  • Guerra B, Axon D, Leal S, Warholak T, Taylor A, Scovis N. Community Health Workers’ and Pharmacists’ Perceptions and Experiences of an Academic-Community Partnership providing telephonic Medication Therapy Management Services: A focus group study. Journal of Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy.
  • Kassem I, Sanche S, Li J, Bonnefois G, Dube M, Rouleau J, Tardif J, White M, Turgeon J, Nekka F, Denus S. Population Pharmacokinetics of Candesartan in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure. Clinical and Translational Science. 
  • Wani A, Al Rihani SB, Sharma A, Govindarajan R, Khan SU, Sharma PR, Dogra A, Nandi U, Reddy C, S Bharate, Singh G, Bharate SB, Vishwakarma R, Kaddoumi A, Kumar A. Crocetin promotes clearance of amyloid-β by inducing autophagy via LKB1-mediated AMPK pathway. Autophagy Journal.