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Office of Translational Research and Residency Programs

The Office of Translational Research and Residency Programs (OTRRP) is responsible for conducting applied research related to current clinical practice, applying scientific research and development to clinical practice, leading pharmacogenomic services, cultivating the drug information center, fostering the development of postgraduate year-1 (PGY-1) and year-2 (PGY-2) pharmacy residents, and overseeing pharmacy students during their advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) rotation offered by TRHC. The OTRRP creates research protocols and conducts prospective and retrospective studies, disseminates research findings through presentations and publications, evaluates the clinical utility of medication risk mitigation platforms for TRHC, develops and enhances TRHC’s medication decision support systems (e.g., pre-populated language, clinical algorithms), conducts personalized Medication Safety Reviews™ incorporating pharmacogenomic results, responds to internal clinical inquiries, creates internal newsletters, fosters new pharmacist training, and more. The OTRRP also supports clinical initiatives and strategic growth.

Director of Pharmacy Practice Residency Programs
Director of Ambulatory Care Residency Programs & Research
Research Pharmacist
Drug Information Specialist
Research Pharmacist