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MedWise® Predictive MTM

Elevate Your Outcomes with MedWise Predictive MTM

We help health plans improve outcomes and quality measures while realizing total cost of care reductions within the same plan year – turning Comprehensive Medication Reviews into more than a compliance requirement. MedWise Predictive MTM is powered by proprietary technology designed to quantify and prevent the risks of multi-drug interactions. The result is a personalized member MedWise Risk Score™ – so we can quickly identify at-risk members and work with their healthcare teams on a plan of action. 

Reduces healthcare costs by preventing multi-drug interactions

Exceeds Medicare and state Medicaid requirements

Translates to bigger annual cost savings 

MedWise Predictive MTM elevates the quality of adherence interventions and clinical programs by providing personalized MedWise Risk Scores and MedWise Safety Reviews. Our pharmacists create actionable plans to mitigate risks for adverse drug events, preventing hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

Find out how MedWise Predictive MTM can help deliver cost savings within the same plan year.