Pharmacokinetics Research Scientist (Part-Time)

Moorestown, NJ

TRHC is a family of companies that leverages technology to improve healthcare. TRHC works with providers and insurers to identify multi-drug interactions and to reduce risk of medication-related problems. We have developed the first multi-drug interaction tool that identifies risk across a variety of safety factors and presents meaningful opportunities to mitigate that risk. This technology can be used to assess safety at the individual patient-level or to stratify medication risk at the population-level, and can be embedded within any EMR or other healthcare IT system.

  1. Researches scientific developments in the fields of bioinformatics, clinical pharmacology, drug interactions, pharmacogenomics, and pharmacokinetics.
    • Periodically reviews the biomedical literature, FDA monographs, and other sources of scientific information.
    • Searches and extracts information pertaining to the components of the MRM platform.
  2. Maintains and further develops the components of the MRM platform.
    • Presents updates and/or recommendations for updates to a Matrix scientific committee.
    • Supports updates with analytic findings and research results.
    • Regularly updates the master Matrix file with approved pharmacokinetic and other pertinent data.
    • Collaborates with Information Technology and Development to deploy updates to the Matrix.
  3. Collaborates with key stakeholders to create scientific strategies for enhancing the company’s MRM platform.
    • Understands the research and development issues and opportunities within the portfolio of Tabula Rasa HealthCare (TRHC).
    • Engages with key stakeholders to plan strategies for product improvement and development.
    • Cooperates with TRHC leadership to ensure that opportunities for scientific advancement and technology transfer are recognized and maximized in product improvement and development.
  4. Fosters a body of continuing education and professional development.
    • Engages in self-directed continuing education and professional development.
    • Participates in educational and training activities for employees.
    • Attends meetings with team to review and discuss findings / updates and transfer knowledge


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in relevant field (i.e., pharmacokinetics) obtained.
  • Active Registered Pharmacist (RPh) licensure not required.

Experience & Training:

  • Experience related to pharmacokinetics.
  • Relevant research experience in the pharmacy / pharmaceutical industry.

Specific Skills:

  • Proficient literature search skills.
  • Proven ability to extract/source data from multiple sources and integrate them into a single source dataset or the like.
  • Capable of analyzing data from a healthcare perspective.
  • Advanced understanding of web technology and clinical decision support systems.
  • Above-average proficiency in MS Excel and Word.
  • Detail oriented and organized.
  • Strong documentation skills.
  • High degree of ownership for tasks and self-accountability.
  • Independent and autonomous but with strong follow-through.
  • Ability to work under pressure, multitask, and achieve deadlines.
  • Decent verbal and written communication skills.

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