Our Software


MedWise™MedWise™ software provides the medication decision support components to support clients seeking to manage their medication risk and improve medication outcomes and patient relationships by enhancing their existing systems. MedWise™can be integrated with a variety of e-prescribing modules, EHRs, pharmacy management systems, clinical systems, case management platforms and other clinical databases.

Board-certified pharmacists are available to perform clinical analysis of the results and, when necessary, offer guidance based upon their review of the MRM Matrix and patient medical history. MedWise™ is broadly applicable to all organizations that employ clinicians who prescribe medications, and those with pharmacists or other clinicians that provide support to prescribers.

MyMedWise™ software is the consumer-facing version of our medication safety technology. MyMedWise™ empowers patients and translates the science of medications into easy-to-understand guidelines and alerts.

EireneRxEIRENERX is our cloud-based medication decision-support and e-prescribing platform. This technology enables shared medication information among physicians, nurses, other authorized caregivers, and pharmacists. EireneRx includes computerized order entry and certified e-prescribing modules with which healthcare organizations access patient medication-related information and use our personalized proprietary MRM Matrix.

With EireneRx, prescribers and our pharmacists collaborate on patient medication management in real time. Our board-certified pharmacists are available 24/7 to perform clinical analysis of the MRM results and assist prescribers in personalizing patient medication regimens. EireneRx provides several communication workflows through which our pharmacists can answer questions and make clinical recommendations. EireneRx™ version 2.0 has achieved ONC HIT 2014 Edition Modular Ambulatory EHR certification. This certification designates that the software is capable of supporting eligible providers with meeting Meaningful Use measures.

EireneRx is integrated with our adherence-packaging pharmacies. It also can electronically send prescriptions to our nation-wide community pharmacy network. EireneRx Module Certificates and Disclosures can be found here.

is a cloud-based software platform designed to facilitate the cognitive practice of pharmacy through case-based learning. NiaRx is in use by schools of pharmacy nation-wide. It is intended to provide students and faculty with access to our simultaneous multi-drug medication risk analysis software.