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Our Technology

Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) often result from unintended drug overdoses due to factors, such as multi-drug interactions, impaired renal function, medication-related genomic variants, and the cumulative impact of drug-related sensitivities, such as excess sedation and increased risk of falls and injury. Our goal is to enable prescribers to optimize the use of medications using a prospective approach to medication risk management in order to avoid ADEs and improve patient outcomes. Our technology suite enables a novel approach to optimize the medication regimen of individual patients and address the issues with prevailing prescribing methodologies.

Utilizing our technology, clinicians obtain real-time information about the factors impacting a medication’s effectiveness and safety for a particular patient. Alerts and decision-support tools grounded in evidence-based clinical data and patient-specific data help clinicians make informed medication decisions. Our technologies uniquely facilitate prospective intervention, and are designed to reduce ADEs, increase medication adherence and quality of care, and improve medication safety at the individual patient level. Scalable, easily accessible to healthcare organizations, and seamlessly integrated with client systems, our technologies are customized for use across the continuum of care.