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NiaRx, University Edition of MedWise, is a cloud-based software platform designed to facilitate the cognitive practice of pharmacy through case-based learning. Using the technology of MedWise, NiaRx promotes literacy of key factors that help assure safe, appropriate medication use among students and faculty in the pharmacy educational community. This method of learning provides students with real experience working within a simulated Electronic Health Record (EHR).


  • Social History and Pharmacogenomic information are visible using convenient fill-able fields
  • Vital signs and laboratory values are presented in tabular and graphical form
  • Comprehensive clinical medication database includes dosage, dosage form, and ICD-10 information
  • Guided Review of Systems and Physical Examination forms direct student assessment in Objective Structured Clinical Examinations
  • Robust encounter forms and SOAP notes can be submitted for grading
  • Introduction to applied pharmacogenomics and competitive inhibition dosing is available using proprietary technology that has been proven to improve clinical and economic outcomes
  • Clinical Pharmacy faculty-designed cases facilitate EMR use


  • Reduced class and lab presentation time through re-usable case studies
  • Flexible curriculum support to meet the unique needs of each individual institution
  • Extensible to build case studies that evolve as each student pharmacist progresses through their professional course work
  • Distributed access allows instructors uniform monitoring of each individual student
  • Customizable to highlight specific topics commensurate with course syllabi
  • Smart data entry eliminates time consuming transcriptions while maintaining academic integrity