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MedWise® MTM Software

Tabula Rasa HealthCare developed proprietary MedWise MTM software that drives our programs and outcomes. MedWise MTM software is a highly customizable and scalable platform designed to aid in the identification and resolution of medication and other health-related problems. Through a population management approach, potential problems are triaged based on urgency and complexity, then resolved through telephonic, face-to-face, or video-based consultations with hundreds of MTM providers located at our MedWiseRx™ clinical contact centers, The University of Arizona, Ohio State University, University of Texas at Austin, or via the in-house clinical providers for plans using MedWise MTM software to facilitate their internal MTM programs.

New! Elevate MTM with MedWise Predictive MTM

MTM services can now be reinforced by MedWise Predictive MTM, our proprietary, science-based medication decision support software. MedWise elevates the quality of CMRs and adherence interventions by identifying and presenting opportunities to mitigate risk for adverse drug events. Transform MTM and adherence programs into innovative solutions by preventing hospitalizations and emergency room visits for patients at risk for adverse drug events. Total cost of care reductions are realized within the same plan year.

Personalize medication therapy with unique simultaneous, multi-drug analysis of the complete medication profile. The future of MTM is enhanced with MedWise Predictive MTM.