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MedWise Integration

Providers within the athenahealth network can access MedWise through the athenahealth Marketplace. MedWise helps value-based care providers prevent adverse drug events using decision support tools with pharmacists available to help optimize medication regimens. Provider organizations that take financial risk, including those within ACOs or other value-based care arrangements would benefit most from the use of MedWise.

Product Features

  • SMART APP Core Software that includes the Tabula Rasa HealthCare (TRHC) Medication Risk Score, a set of risk factors, bullseye graph identifying the source of risk, TRHC’s proprietary Medication Risk Mitigation Matrix, 4Viz and visualization dashboard
  • Access to MedWise PharmD-level support
  • CME, CNE and ACPE-accredited clinical training and education
  • Product implementation and orientation services
  • Clinical medication database, including SNOMED codes for tracking interventions.
  • Reporting
  • Interoperable with electronic health records via SMART on FHIR technology
  • Cloud-based
  • SaaS model capability

Workflow Integration Benefits

TRHC’s SMART on FHIR integration improves and enhances existing clinical workflow. Medication decision support tools are available at the point of care and a click away, enabling clinicians to:

  • Manage and optimize patients’ medication regimens
  • Access to TRHC’s science-backed medication safety tools through a variety of clinical and educational platforms
  • Focus on patients’ medication risk factors to personalize medication regimens and reduce adverse drug event risk instead of using one-to-one drug interactivity systems
  • Use the decision support sandbox to conceptually modify patients’ medication therapies in simulation, while understanding the change in medication risk using the pre-and post-MedWise Risk Score™
  • Use the MedWise Risk Score™ as a performance marker to help identify and reduce preventable adverse drug events
  • Consult a board-certified clinical pharmacist* for a Medication Safety Review, including physician recommendations, patient action plan and patient time of day administration profile

For opioid management, MedWise is paramount because it identifies risk for dangerous accumulative side effects, unintentional overdose, and ineffective medication regimens.

Case Studies

*CareKinesis, a Tabula Rasa HealthCare company, is comprised of highly-trained, licensed, and board-certified pharmacists who operationalize our medication safety services, such as Medication Safety Reviews.

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