EireneRx is our cloud-based medication safety platform. Embedded in EireneRx are medication decision-support tools including our Medication Risk Score™ and Medication Risk Mitigation Matrix® by CareKinesis. EireneRx provides a single version of a patient’s medication profile, enabling prescribers and our pharmacists to collaborate on a patient’s medication management in real time. EireneRx provides several communication workflows through which our pharmacists answer questions and make clinical and economic recommendations to prescribers to optimize medication regimens. EireneRx is meaningful use certified for e-prescribing as an EHR module and integrates with PACE EHR platforms. Medications prescribed through EireneRx are reviewed by Board Certified pharmacists prospectively to assure medication safety and avoid waste. CareKinesis Pharmacy provides comprehensive pharmacy services for medications prescribed through SureScripts or coordinates access through a community pharmacy network location.