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Medication Risk Management

We are trusted by PACE and other financially at-risk organizations nationwide to deliver medication risk mitigation and safety services that improve participant outcomes, introduce lasting workflow efficiencies, and lower direct and indirect costs.

  • EireneRx® Web Portal: The EireneRx® cloud-based medication safety and pharmacy platform provides access to real-time, comprehensive medication profiles, pharmacy distribution and delivery information, secure messaging, robust reporting, and integrated software interfaces.
  • 24/7 PharmD Support: 100% Board certified pharmacists, in the specialty area of geriatrics, are available 24/7 to help reduce medication-related risks and total medication costs.
  • Adherence Packaging: Medications are available in specialty adherence packaging using the latest multi-dose robotic technology. Adherence packaging is organized by time of day using our proprietary Medication Risk Mitigation Matrix technology, which is proven to avoid preventable multi-drug interactions not detected by traditional drug interaction software and to enhance outcomes. Our packaging has also been documented to improve the likelihood of participant adherence to medications.
  • MedaCube: CareKinesis is the exclusive national provider of MedaCube to PACE. This in-home dispensing system helps PACE participants continue to live independently, and provides additional assistance for those who have difficulty managing their medications in-home, avoiding/delaying nursing home placement. We are the sole source of MedaCube for PACE.
  • Medication Safety Analytics: This comprehensive reporting package gives clients the opportunity to benefit from unique, leading-edge technological capabilities that personalize each patient’s medication regimen by applying proprietary MRM Matrix™ analyses. The reporting package includes population management tools such as sorting by our proprietary MedWise Risk Score™ and by medication risk component such as accumulative side effect risk.
  • Business Intelligence (BI): Our BI tools are unique to PACE and provide clinical, economic, and compliance insight for PACE Organizations.
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