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Medication Decision Support – MedWise® Science

MedWise® Science is Tabula Rasa HealthCare’s unique software platform that identifies accumulative multi-drug interactions to help manage patients’ medication regimens. Our science-backed approach to medication safety focuses on reducing trial-and-error prescribing. MedWise is reinforced by our proprietary Medication Risk Mitigation Matrix™ that delivers point-of-prescribing medication decision support tools and precision dosing systems that are interoperable with industry-leading electronic health records, and have been documented to improve outcomes.

MedWise also integrates with a variety of e-prescribing modules, pharmacy management systems, clinical systems, case management platforms, and other clinical databases. This software is applicable to organizations that employ clinicians who prescribe medications, and those with pharmacists or other clinicians that support prescribers.

MedWise Clinical Support
We have board-certified pharmacists available to perform clinical analysis of the results, and when necessary offer guidance based upon their review of the Medication Risk Mitigation Matrix and patient’s medical history.