Engaging with Personalized MTM

Tabula Rasa HealthCare can put Personalized MTM
Powered by MedWise™ to work for you!

Enhanced MTM client resources and services include:

  • Design team of pharmacy scientists, researchers and academics. Also, health-IT leaders, former government regulators and a former Chief Pharmacy Officer of a major health plan
  • In-house technology development resources to facilitate synchronization of data feeds and aggregation of outcomes measurements
  • Medication-related risk-stratification of large populations
  • Automated review of complex medication profiles to identify specific risks associated with Adverse Drug Events
  • Completion of Medication Risk Mitigation™-informed CMRs and TMRs
  • Call center to educate and support local community pharmacists
  • Patient-engagement technologies and tools
  • Outcomes measurements to prove success

Features and benefits of these services include:

  • Improved care coordination among PDPs, beneficiaries, prescribers, and pharmacies; more extensive engagement of clinicians in the MTM process to improve outcomes
  • Monitoring of Part A and Part B costs of care to maximize opportunities for Performance Based Payments under the Enhanced MTM Model program
  • Analysis of Part A and Part B data to improve the quality of beneficiary care

Contact TRHC to begin a collaborative dialogue about putting Personalized MTM Powered by MedWise™ to work for you and your beneficiaries. TRHC can bring new Part D payments to your Plan while improving the value and efficacy of your MTM services.

Request more information or a demonstration by contacting our Chief Strategy Officer, Brian Litten, at blitten@tabularasahealthcare.com or 856-840-4841.