Breaking News: Large Study Shows Measuring Medication Risk with MedWise® Can Help Reduce Premature Death
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Our Outcomes

TRHC’s medication risk management solution set, which includes our cloud-based software applications EireneRx® and MedWise™, provides solutions for a range of payors, providers, and other healthcare organizations. The MRM Matrix helps externalize sophisticated logic and expertise by combining clinical and pharmacology data, population-based algorithms, and extensive patient-specific data (medical history, lab results, genomic information, etc.) to deliver precision medicine.

Precision-Based Approach → Better Outcomes

We are at the forefront of precision medicine with solutions that help our clients tailor medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient. Our cloud-based software solutions are designed to identify high-risk individuals, detect susceptibility to ADEs, and embed proper dosing guidelines. By offering solutions that improve outcomes in a cost-effective manner, we align with organizations transitioning to value-based healthcare. Our clients have reported that our medication risk management services have resulted in significant reductions in hospital admissions, length of hospital stays, and emergency room visits for their patients, thereby reducing their medical expenditures. Our pharmacy cost management services saved our clients more than $44 million in recovered or prevented overpayments in 2014, and our risk adjustment clients realized revenue increases of approximately $350 per patient per month on average in 2014.