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The Optimized Opioid Solution

Proprietary risk mitigation technology informs physicians and pharmacists about competing drugs and potentially dangerous drug interactions for opioid risk management. Tabula Rasa HealthCare’s (TRHC) Optimized Opioid Solution is an innovative and timely solution – identifying and preventing unintentional opioid misuse to customize therapy and deter abuse.

TRHC’s Optimized Opioid Solution is driven by state-of-the-art technology and supported by robust medication decision support intelligence and comprehensive medication management.

  • Medical intelligence. TRHC’s MedWise® Science enables optimization of a patient’s medication regimen. Analysis of drug claims and medications identifies accumulative, multi-drug risk in entire patient cohorts and assignment of risk scores to individuals allows delivery of precision medicine.
  • Medication management. TRHC’s call centers are staffed with board-certified pharmacists who provide professional and personalized support designed to optimize medication therapy and overall pain management.

Through technology-driven patient interventions, prescriber education, and communication, dangerous opioid drug interactions can be mitigated and total cost of care reduced. TRHC’s Optimized Opioid Solution is administered through three comprehensive focus areas:

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