Our software integrates with yours. TRHC can embed its cloud-based technology in your health plan’s MTM and/or Prior Authorization engines. We are vendor-neutral, and integrate with all mainstream EHRs and healthcare IT systems. With a substantial in-house software development team, we can customize deliverables, so that you receive the information you want, in the way you want it.

MedWise™ software provides support to clients seeking to manage their medication risk and improve medication outcomes and patient relationships by enhancing their existing systems. MedWise™ integrates with a variety of e-prescribing modules, EHRs, pharmacy management systems, clinical systems, case management platforms and other clinical databases.

Our expert pharmacists are available to perform clinical analysis of the results and, when necessary, offer guidance based upon their review of the MRM Matrix and patient medical history. MedWise™ is broadly applicable to all organizations that employ clinicians who prescribe medications and those with pharmacists or other clinicians that provide support to prescribers.