The TRHC services model focuses on reducing risk and ADEs in order to improve outcomes and lessen future costs.

We improve your members’ health outcomes through:

Medication risk identification

  • MedWise™ risk stratification
  • Population risk distribution analysis
  • Individual risk/safety scoring


  • Strategic development to reduce risk scores
  • Call center support (primary/secondary)
  • Provider/patient engagement

Clinical innovations

  • Enhanced MTM /MTM +
  • Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC+)
  • Practice transformation

Care transitions

STAR ratings & HEDIS scores

  • Successful member engagement
  • MedWise™ medication reconciliation
  • Osteoporosis, etc.

Targeted support/ Drug, disease, or condition

  • Opioids
  • Diabetes
  • Falls

Data analytics

  • Gaps in care
  • Cohort comparisons
  • Opportunity analysis

TRHC’s board-certified Clinical Pharmacist Call Center provides Medication Risk Mitigation and support for health plans and/or provider pharmacists to conduct reviews.