Breaking News: Large Study Shows Measuring Medication Risk with MedWise® Can Help Reduce Premature Death
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We improve your financial outcomes. By working with TRHC, health plans have reduced their medical (e.g., hospitalizations) spend by up to 25% and post-discharge readmission rates by as much as 50%. Our PMPM pricing model delivers an average Return on Investment of 4 to 1.

We quantify your medication risk. TRHC analyzes patient cohorts of any size and identifies medication-related risk across cohorts. The risk stratification process also allows you to evaluate the efficacy of your medication management programs against similarly situated cohorts, identifying and benchmarking opportunities to improve care across patient populations.

The Tabula Rasa risk stratification platform and Risk Score have been used to reduce medical expenditures in high-risk patients by 30% and pharmacy costs by up to 10%.