For Health Plans

TRHC is disrupting the field of medication safety. For more than thirty years, traditional medication software systems have offered clinicians a binary view of drug-to-drug interactions, presenting an assessment of one single drug against one single drug. These legacy systems are (arguably) adequate to assess the safety of a medication regimen consisting of only one or two medication. However, for the elderly and chronically ill, a medication profile of just a few drugs often leaves these patients at high risk of an Adverse Drug Event (ADE). In these cases, the average patient typically takes 10 different medications a day, and current technologies are inadequate to optimize safety and minimize risk.

TRHC’s Medication Risk Mitigation Matrix delivers a simultaneous, multi-drug review which identifies medication-related risk across a variety of safety factors and presents meaningful opportunities to mitigate that risk. TRHC partners with health plans and provider groups in comprehensive medication management and care transitions programs to identify and substantially mitigate the risk associated with ADEs. By working with TRHC, health plans and provider groups have reduced their pharmacy spend (by up to 10%) and admissions rates (by as much as 30%). For these reasons, TRHC was selected to lead the federal government’s largest Enhanced MTM Model (for 6 Blue Cross Blue Shield plans) focused on reducing costs and improving therapeutic outcomes across a Medicare Part D population. Our suite of solutions can be easily integrated with existing health plan and provider group operations and processes to start mitigating ADE risk in less than 3 months.