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Enhanced MTM Solution

Personalized MTM Personalized MTM powered by MedWise™

Long before the announcement of the Enhanced MTM Model, Tabula Rasa HealthCare (TRHC), an innovator in enhanced MTM services, has been providing PDPs with its MedWise™ application for personalized MTM services.

Under the Model, however, the personalized MTM services offered by TRHC are now eligible for reimbursement by CMS – and for additional performance-based payments.

MedWise™ is a proprietary cloud-based medication safety platform unlike any other. Rather than assessing drug-drug interactions, MedWise™ uses a proprietary technology-based “hub-and-spoke” system (designed by clinicians and academics) to evaluate a large array of pharmacy safety vectors, at a beneficiary-specific level, to improve the safety and efficacy of an individual’s medication regimen.

The Medication Risk Mitigation Matrix™ (Pat. Pending), which lies at the heart of MedWise™, has been proven to reduce hospitalizations, readmissions, falls, medication-related errors – and to improve overall quality and reduce costs.

If you are a PDP operating in any one or more of the following 5 Part D Regions, you may be eligible to participate in the Model.  TRHC is interested to assist in the design and implementation of a compliant, enhanced MTM program:

  • Region 7 (Virginia)
  • Region 11 (Florida)
  • Region 21 (Louisiana)
  • Region 25 (Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming)
  • Region 28 (Arizona)