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Pharmacy Cost Management

Pharmacy cost management services help our clients reduce risk, increase compliance, and optimize spending. For more than a decade, Medliance has delivered significant value to skilled nursing communities, and has positioned itself as a leader in pharmacy cost management solutions for operators of any size, nationally. We are driven by a passion for reining in pharmacy spend and providing an exceptional level of client service. Today, we continue to innovate, offering insightful reporting and data solutions that best fit our clients’ needs.

For post-acute care facilities, excessive pharmacy costs can be a common driver of shrinking profit margins. Complex contract language, atypical dispensing practices, and a lack of recourse for pricing errors contribute to inaccurate pharmacy budgets, improper reimbursement, and waste. Our analytics provide real-time reporting, simplify drug-spend data, and are designed to create contract transparency for our clients. By simplifying and adding oversight to the adjudication process, we help our clients avoid risks associated with managing pharmacy costs by preventing overpayments and ensuring appropriate reimbursements.

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