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Consulting and Service Provider Solutions

Medication Therapy Management

SinfoníaRx provides premier MTM services using its proprietary RxCompanion software. Clinical pharmacists work directly with patients, their providers and community pharmacists to ensure optimal therapy while reducing the risk of adverse events and drug interactions.

Pharmacy Cost Management

Medliance helps post-acute care facilities avoid risks associated with pharmacy costs by preventing overpayments and ensuring appropriate reimbursements. Our analytics provide real-time reporting, simplify drug-spend data and add oversight to the adjudication process.

Risk Adjustment Consulting and HCC Coding Services

Capstone Performance Systems offers comprehensive provider-to-provider/staff training along with auditing and data analysis for focused strategies and improved compliance. Our certified coding and auditing services result in improved accuracy and proven revenue increases.

Exploring, Developing, and Improving PACE

CareVention Consulting (formerly Capstone TAC) provides customized consulting services specific to an organization’s needs at all stages of PACE.

CareVention Consulting