Clinical Pharmacy Support Services for the CPC+ Model

Practice Transformation through Accumulative, Multi-Drug Medication Risk Identification, Intervention and Mitigation.

Integrate clinical pharmacy technology and board-certified support (your virtual pharmacist!) into your comprehensive care team!

For practices participating in CPC+, TRHC offers:

  • Integrated pharmacy support:
    TRHC helps you ensure clinical quality through our Medication Risk Mitigation call center services. We are:

    • staffed with board-certified PharmDs, available 24/7.
    • experienced with real-time clinical support for physician practices.
    • currently providing integrated pharmacy support for other CMMI models.
  • Optional programming:
    • For your clinicians:
      • Access to MedWise Advisor software to elevate clinical quality and track medication risk scores
      • Comprehensive Medication Reviews save time, with actionable medication safety recommendations delivered immediately to your practice
    • For your patients, custom “time-of-day” medication schedules to improve adherence
    • For your practice, custom practice transformation initiatives

In your 2017 CPC+ Change Package, Function 3 requires that you “manage medications to maximize efficiency, effectiveness, and safety.” TRHC will manage all aspects of this requirement, including:

  1. Reconciling and coordinating medications; provide medication management across care settings and providers
  2. Providing medication self-management support to improve adherence
  3. Providing care teams with medication management pharmacists
  4. Conducting comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs) with action plans, individualized therapy goals, and planned follow-up
  5. Collaborating with care teams to promote clinically sound, cost-effective medication therapy and therapeutic outcomes (i.e., provide formulary management)
  6. Reviewing medication profiles at established intervals, including assessment of medication regimens for missing yet indicated medications and for those not needed or indicated

TRHC pharmacy support services also include Medicare Star Ratings programs, year-end quality programs, and medication risk identification and intervention services. Contact us today for more information.