CareVention HealthCare supports PACE (Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) organizations at all stages, from exploring PACE at the state and organizational levels, through start-up and ongoing operations. Medication management and pharmacy distribution services are offered in conjunction with TRHC’s CareKinesis division. Our goal is to support the PACE community with solutions that enhance humanistic, clinical and economic outcomes for PACE organizations and their participants. For both new and fully-operational PACE organizations, CareVention HealthCare provides integrated, end-to-end services to assure your organization’s regulatory compliance, participant health and safety, and optimized financial management.

PACE Program Exploration, Development and Improvement Consulting

For states or organizations exploring PACE or those in the start-up stage, the experienced staff of CareVention Consulting, part of Capstone Performance Systems, provides expert guidance to organizations at all stages of the PACE process, from those exploring the feasibility of establishing a program at the state or organizational level, through application and the start-up development process to enrollment and ongoing operations. CareVention Consulting, formerly known as Capstone TAC, is a National PACE Association (NPA)-member Technical Assistance Center. More information on CareVention Consulting is available here.

Risk Adjustment Consulting and HCC Coding Services

Capstone Performance Systems provides expert Medicare risk adjustment services to PACE and at-risk health plans/organizations to optimize compliance and revenue. Physician-led training for providers along with auditing and analytics provide greater understanding of the operational nuances that impact payments. HCC coding by certified coders assures your data is captured accurately and completely for timely submission and proper payment. Clients typically achieve outstanding returns on investment, enjoy more stable revenue, and sleep better knowing risk of noncompliance is low. For more information on Capstone’s risk adjustment services visit CapstonePerformance or contact

Personalized Medication Safety and Pharmacy Services

CareKinesis PACE Pharmacy partners with at-risk healthcare organizations to provide and coordinate comprehensive and personalized medication safety services for individuals with complex medication needs. CareKinesis is the first national PACE-centric, distribution pharmacy that focuses on reducing medication-related risk. Our streamlined, scalable systems and processes improve quality and ensure compliance while science-backed decision support tools improve outcomes. Medication delivery to particpants’ home or the PACE center frees-up valuable staff time. We manage all of your medication access and service needs, so your team can focus on participant care. Read more about CareKinesis here. For additional information, call 888-9-PharmD (888-974-2763) or email

Health Plan Management/Third Party Administration Services

PeakTPA (formerly Peak Health Plan Management/eClusive) assists on all aspects of PACE health plan management, including claims processing and payment, billing, enrollment, provider support, accounts receivable, Medicare Part D submissions, coordination of benefits through Medicare or other payers, extensive standard and custom reporting, training and more. For more information on PeakTPA’s services, click here or contact

Electronic Health Records and Integrated Technology Solutions

Cognify’s PACEperfect Electronic Health Record (EHR), Care Planning, Mobile, Integration, and Health Plan Management capabilities are the top-rated and fastest-growing solutions within PACE. Our PACElogic solution integrates data, processes, and workflows across the enterprise, bringing clarity and consistency to interdepartmental processes. PACElogic is capable of integrating with any EHR, yet also delivers as a robust, stand-alone solution without an EHR. Cognify’s turn-key solutions enable PACE organizations to respond quickly and effectively to initiatives and challenges.

Mediture is the leading provider of Electronic Health Records for PACE programs nationwide. Mediture’s software provides care coordination and financial management in one comprehensive system. Proprietary software enables capitated health plans to manage patients’ electronic health records; care planning; service authorizations; and adjudication and claims processing while providing robust reporting. To find out more about Mediture, click here, contact or call 1-800-430-2045.

CareVention is the logical comprehensive solution to the many moving parts of PACE programs. Managing an active PACE program with multiple sites requires getting real time information that is both timely and accurate. The recent acquisitions of Cognify and PeakTPA have enhanced the coordinated approach that is the hallmark of CareVention. The CareVention approach fosters clients to use their electronic record platform and integrate this with pharmacy services, managing contractors and other back office tasks, and getting required data to the Federal and State monitoring agencies. The Capstone program is also very helpful to assure that the risk score component is reviewed, verified, and clearly understood by PACE organizations. In our experience, the request to PACE organizations from various regulatory agencies has increased annually and we anticipate this trend will continue into the foreseeable future. Having an integrated approach like CareVention is an essential management tool that allows management and administrative leaders to spend more time delivering the best quality services to the people we are privileged to serve. I highly recommend CareVention to all PACE organizations as a key ingredient managing PACE.

Alan Sadowsky, PhD, Senior Vice President of Community Based Services, Palm Beach PACE, Palm Beach, FL

For more information on the services offered by CareVention HealthCare, please contact or 1-866-335-3413.