NJHA Partnership

NJHA Healthcare Business SolutionsPredicting and Preventing Adverse Drug Events

Core services offered through the TRHC – NJHA partnership are:

  • Medication Risk Stratification™ Programs
  • The Medication Risk Mitigation (MRM) Matrix® through MedWise™
  • CE-Accredited MRM certification & training
  • Medication reconciliation upon care transitions by pharmacists
  • Clinical escalation and support services
  • Hospital staff education on medication use problems and ADE prevention
  • Patient education and the MyMedWise™ engagement tool
  • Personalized patient medication safety services (clinical and educational)

Additional options:

  • On-site support pharmacists for hands-on training of the MRM tool and unique twice-monthly lessons to educate hospital pharmacists and doctors in matters of preventing patient Adverse Drug Events.
  • Risk Adjustment and coding services to assure that payments are correct based on the level of patient risk, and that coding is accurately documented, respectively.

Medication use is a risk factor for numerous problems in the acute care setting, including falls, adverse drug events, unintentional overdose, over-sedation, anticholinergic-related effects (delirium), and more.

Tabula Rasa HealthCare’s Medication Risk Stratification program assesses a host of medication-related factors to identify which patients are at highest risk for adverse drug outcomes. Patients are scored and stratified, and the target population is identified either based on a predefined cut-off (e.g., Total Risk Score = >7) or based on a percentage (e.g., top 5%, 10% or 15% of population).

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