The Next Frontier of Medication Safety

Across the country, healthcare professionals are working tirelessly to minimize the harm caused by adverse drug events (ADE). Tabula Rasa HealthCare is advancing that mission by developing technologies designed to not only reduce these events, but prevent them altogether. This issue particularly affects those who manage multiple medications, commonly the elderly. For these higher-risk groups, the chance of an ADE is about 82% when taking seven or more medications, and over 5 million older adults sought medical attentions for ADEs in 2018 alone.
The experts at Tabula Rasa HealthCare are dedicated to finding ways to reverse this looming health crisis. We’re bringing together our team of scientists and network of over 15,000 community pharmacies to deploy leading science-based solutions to millions of patients across the country. And in today’s climate, finding a solution for medication safety concerns is more relevant than ever before.

According to the CDC, adverse drug events are responsible for:

hospitalizations per year
emergency room visits per year
premature deaths per year
$ 2 billion
in hospital fees

According to the Lown Institute, reducing inappropriate or unnecessary medications can:

Save as much as $62 billion over the next decade

Prevent 750 daily hospitalizations for older adults

Potentially lessen disability, cognitive decline, hospitalizations and outpatients visits

Facing New Challenges with COVID-19

With growing awareness of the COVID-19 pandemic, health and wellness is top of mind for everyone. Those with chronic illnesses and those who manage multiple medications are at a higher risk for transmission and complications, as well as adverse drug events. The addition of new medications for this group can result in complications, like side effects and adverse reactions at normal doses or in some serious cases, fatalities.

Our propriety technology can help minimize the harm caused by ADEs while reducing the strain on our pocketbooks, taxed healthcare systems and hospitals. We’re working together with the best certified clinical pharmacists to create tools that will minimize these dangers and create a safer world for our higher-risk population and adverse drug events from COVID-19.

Introducing MedWise™

Tabula Rasa’s newest development is the most comprehensive solution to minimize the dangers of ADEs. It is the only technology that cumulatively compares how medications interact together. This one-of-a-kind algorithm delivers peace of mind by identifying risks that other solutions often miss. Simply put, MedWise makes managing multiple medications safer and smarter.

Better tools and technology like MedWise that identify ADEs can help caregivers better serve their loved ones and help save the lives of millions of at-risk Americans.

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