Geriatric Clinical (Consultant) Pharmacist

It is the objective of Tabula Rasa HealthCare (TRHC) to be the nation’s leader in providing medication reconciliation services. The Geriatric Clinical Pharmacist will help to carry out this objective by utilizing his or her clinical knowledge and skills coupled with innovative technology to optimize medication regimens for patients, by identifying and rectifying medication-related problems, empowering patients to actively participate in their own clinical decision-making, and collaborating with physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes.

Patient Medication Planning

  • Prior to the In-home consultation with enrolled members/patients, the pharmacist will:
    • Contact members/patients to schedule in-home visit within established time parameters of the program, if not already done by the Care Transitions/Medication Reconciliation Pharmacy Technician.
    • Review patient/members post discharge comprehensive medication review (CMR) from hospital or acute care facility, and if required.
    • Consult with TRHC Pharmacists if there are questions regarding the member/patient’s CMR review document.
  • During the CMM review, the Pharmacist will:
    • If not already done by the Care Transitions/Medication Reconciliation Pharmacy Technician, conduct a Medication Reconciliation (MedRec) profile in TRHC’s Medication Risk Mitigation (MRM) Matrix TM, taking into account all other medications the patient plans to use that are in the home, such as over-the-counter meds, herbal meds, recreational meds, etc.
  • Upon completion of the patients MedRec profile, the pharmacist will
    • Create an Updated Medication List, that will be used by the MRM Matrix so the pharmacist can conduct a new (update to date) CMR for the patient.
    • Evaluate medication-related problems (MRPs) automatically identified by the medication risk mitigation system (i.e., MedWise Advisor) and identifies additional MRPs, if relevant.
    • Prioritize MRPs to be address with patient/members.
    • Assess medication concordance and adherence.
    • Provide medication counseling and education, including recommendations on how, including the optimal time of day, to take medications
    • Discuss with the patient/caregiver the likelihood for, and mitigation tactics of, medication side effects with their Personalized Medication Regimen by using the MWA Medication Side Effect Wind-rose display.
    • Establish the proper time of the day for each medication in the Personalized Medication Regimen using the MRM Matrix.
    • Provide patient/caregiver education regarding their Personalized Medication Regimen using the MWA multi-language educational videos.
    • Discuss and finalize with the patient/caregiver, their precise, Personalized Medication Regimen.
    • Prepare a Refrigerator Medication Schedule (or similar document) guide for the patient/caregiver using the MRM Matrix system.
  • Prior to concluding the in-home consultation, the Pharmacist will:
    • Ensure patient/members’ needs have been filled to their satisfaction and medication counseling needs addressed.
    • Establish expectations, including follow-up, in collaboration with patients.
  • Following in-home visits:
    • Ensure that all patient/member encounter data is documented in all systems, this includes, but not limited to the following: individualized care plan for patients to include medication-related issues discussed, specific recommendations for medications, and any action items for patients to share with their healthcare providers (e.g., primary care physician).
    • Work with TRHC staff, local Care Coordinators (CC’s), or Care Managers (CM’s) to send material or other relevant information to patient/members and prescribers.
    • Complete and submit all Client required documents.

Healthcare Provider Collaborating

  • Contact patient/members’ healthcare providers (e.g., primary care physician), if required, to address MRPs and/or other medication- or health-related issues.
  • Work and collaborate with community-based pharmacists to provide eMTM services for enrolled patients.
  • Provide consultative services and/or drug information to healthcare providers, including community-based pharmacists, upon request.
  • Leverage local Care Coordinators (CC’s), or Care Managers (CM’s) to work with patient/members’ and their insurance providers to determine eligibility for cost sharing assistance when warranted, and provides follow-through.


  • Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree required.


  • Current Registered Pharmacist and active licensure in good standing.
  • Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (CGP) certification obtained within 6 months post hire or eligibility.
  • NJ & PA Pharmacist license required.
  • Obtained BCPS or BCACP certification within one year of date of hire.
  • Active driver’s license in good standing with valid auto insurance.
  • Completed the APhA Delivering Medication Therapy Management Services certificate program, or within 3 months post hire.

Specific Skills & Abilities:

  • Above-average knowledge of geriatric pharmacotherapy and ability to apply knowledge to clinical practice.
  • Ability to assess patients, using verbal and visual cues.
  • Ability to effectively and efficiently identify and rectify medication-related problems.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills with patients, including the ability to express empathy and use reflective listening.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively and efficiently provide medication counseling and education and discuss clinical information in patient-friendly language.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills with healthcare professionals, including the ability to provide clinically relevant and timely recommendations.
  • Excellent written communication skills, including both layperson and healthcare professional communication.
  • High degree of ownership for tasks and self-accountability and strong follow-through.
  • Ability to work under pressure, multitask, and achieve deadlines.
  • Self-motivated and eager to learn and develop.
  • Thrives in a high energy environment.
  • Ability to work with others in a collaborative manner.
  • Basic understanding of web technology and clinical decision support systems.
  • Ability to travel independently to patient’s homes.


  • Must meet and maintain hiring eligibility per Company standards, policies and procedures.

To be considered for this position, apply via email by sending an updated copy of your resume and letter of interest to