Important Medication Safety Considerations for COVID-19 Treatment

In the COVID-19 fight, medication safety is essential – especially for vulnerable individuals with several chronic diseases who take multiple medications. It has become imperative as the exploration for using repurposed drugs against COVID-19 is underway. While the proposed repurposed medications may potentially be associated with positive outcomes in the management of COVID-19, there are still risks associated. When not used appropriately, effectively, and safely, medications can lead to serious – even fatal – consequences. This webinar will review relevant safety concerns for repurposed medications that are being prescribed or are under investigation for the treatment of COVID-19.

MedWise™, our medication safety platform, enhances medication reviews by identifying accumulative, simultaneous, multi-drug interactions. MedWise presents actionable opportunities to mitigate risks, demonstrating improved outcomes, reduced costs, and a 5:1 return on investment.

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