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COVID-19 Vaccine Patient Support Services

TRHC’s MedWiseRx™ clinical contact centers provide comprehensive COVID-19 patient support services to facilitate the delivery of the vaccine to eligible patients. MedWiseRx is HIPAA compliant and our technology is HITRUST CSF certified. Through a broad range of technical and clinical support solutions, MedWiseRx can help reduce your workload and ease the overall process for patients.

Who MedWiseRx clinical contact centers can help:
covid-19 vaccine patient support services
Eight nationwide clinical contact centers are staffed by more than 800 pharmacists, technicians, and pharmacy students who specialize in geriatrics and communicate in more than 30 languages.
COVID-19 support services include inbound clinical escalation, inbound volume support, and standard scheduling outreach. Our nationwide pharmacy team can:
  • Make reminder calls prior to patient appointments
  • Provide weekly reporting
  • Schedule weekly status calls
  • Utilize your platform of choice to document appointments
  • Offer customized support for an implementation fee
  • Coordinate referrals
  • Conduct training
  • Perform administrative duties
    • Data entry
    • Tracking
  • Set up separate phone lines for contact-free help to:
    • Schedule COVID-19 vaccine appointments for patients
    • Facilitate warm transfers
    • Support COVID-19 vaccine scheduling overflow
    • Address hesitancy to instill COVID-19 vaccine confidence
    • Answer questions about:
      • Patient vaccines
      • Patient communications (i.e., postcards and emails) for other initiatives
      • General technical support
      • Vaccine appointments
      • Access to vaccines
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